Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tweeking the herbal formula

Today is day 3 of poor Zoey not feeling well...
Called back The Lotus Center and talked with Michelle, the senior practitioner, who whipped up a bit more bulk Chinese herbal "umph" for me to make into tea and add to the other tea decoction that we made Thursday.
She said to call her back after 24 hrs and that Zoey should definatley improve by then.

The reason for me doing all this, is to help Zoey get better and avoid needing antibiotics... And Sam has been patient, but if he dosnt see the fruits of these herbal remedies ASAP, he's gonna push hard for little Z to get on some antibiotics.

I also called the nurses hotline for my pediatritians after Zoey bumped her head, told her that Zoey was also not feeling well and how we were actually at The Lotus Center picking up some more herbs. The nurse sounded thrilled and said wasn't allowed to talk ab the Chinese herbs she takes, but she said she was proud of me for doing what I was doing and that she fully supported my choice to taking Zoey the "natural" route. She then drilled me with all sorts of other questions, and said Zoey's bump to the head should be fine and just continue to keep a close eye on her.

Here's the new mixture of herbs I cooked and the pre made batch of herbs for ZoZo's little cough.

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