Friday, February 3, 2012

Korean Podaegi Carrier

I got this really cute, mesh, pink,  pod carrier at my babyshower from my good friend Jihae who's mom got it in Korea.
And I just now, after monthes of trying, figured it out! Zoey's been in it all day sleeping and when she isn't zonked out she is  chewing on her little fingers.
She's cutting her first tooth on the bottom. Bless her little heart, she won't let me put her down. And thank God the herbs from The Lotus Center and kicking in and doing their job, but she's still pretty pitiful...
So for the past 48 hrs I've worn her in every carrier I own. A ring sling from, my favorite the Boba 3g which is a soft structure carrier, and the podaegi which is a full mesh blanket with long straps.
Good think I love wearing my baby!

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  1. ooh thats so pretty! Can you post more pics. I love it.