Sunday, February 5, 2012

Desperate and disappointed

So Zoeys cutting her first tooth and is in a lot of pain. She has a Baltic amber teethibg necklace from Algimantas Bamber on etsy. I just tested it to see if it was real because Zoey is obviously suffering... Bless her heart. And after wraping it in a washcloth, smashing a section of it with the handles of some scissors, I tested by burning it with a lighter, its fake. It burned and smelled like cheepo burning plastic and not like real pine sap. Bummer! I just jumped on etsy and wrote to the seller and asked them to please send me a real one or refund my money because my baby needs a Baltic amber teething necklace and the website I got it from stated that it was real and raw...
What else can I do?
My poor baby... :(

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tweeking the herbal formula

Today is day 3 of poor Zoey not feeling well...
Called back The Lotus Center and talked with Michelle, the senior practitioner, who whipped up a bit more bulk Chinese herbal "umph" for me to make into tea and add to the other tea decoction that we made Thursday.
She said to call her back after 24 hrs and that Zoey should definatley improve by then.

The reason for me doing all this, is to help Zoey get better and avoid needing antibiotics... And Sam has been patient, but if he dosnt see the fruits of these herbal remedies ASAP, he's gonna push hard for little Z to get on some antibiotics.

I also called the nurses hotline for my pediatritians after Zoey bumped her head, told her that Zoey was also not feeling well and how we were actually at The Lotus Center picking up some more herbs. The nurse sounded thrilled and said wasn't allowed to talk ab the Chinese herbs she takes, but she said she was proud of me for doing what I was doing and that she fully supported my choice to taking Zoey the "natural" route. She then drilled me with all sorts of other questions, and said Zoey's bump to the head should be fine and just continue to keep a close eye on her.

Here's the new mixture of herbs I cooked and the pre made batch of herbs for ZoZo's little cough.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Back in the game!

After a little battle with thrush, Mama Chiu is back in the milk pumping game, so bottoms up to my little milk son Noah!

Korean Podaegi Carrier

I got this really cute, mesh, pink,  pod carrier at my babyshower from my good friend Jihae who's mom got it in Korea.
And I just now, after monthes of trying, figured it out! Zoey's been in it all day sleeping and when she isn't zonked out she is  chewing on her little fingers.
She's cutting her first tooth on the bottom. Bless her little heart, she won't let me put her down. And thank God the herbs from The Lotus Center and kicking in and doing their job, but she's still pretty pitiful...
So for the past 48 hrs I've worn her in every carrier I own. A ring sling from, my favorite the Boba 3g which is a soft structure carrier, and the podaegi which is a full mesh blanket with long straps.
Good think I love wearing my baby!

Zoey is sick so we went to The Lotus Center

Lastnight it hit Zoey like a ton of bricks, coughing, feaver, vomit, and a crazy runny nose. I hate seeing her suffer and I know taking her to our regular pediatrician doctor is a waste of time, so I took her to The Lotus Center for the fist time to do an Herbal Consult. The Lotus Center is a practice where they offer oriental medicine, accupuncture, herbal consults, and healing body work.

They fit Zoey in to see the senior practioner Michelle, and explained to me how its pay by the hour and babies are never more than 30 minutes, then they formulate herbs for you to take home and make into your own tea like decoction.

When we got there it was this cool little house with all sorts of Asian decorations, moody cool music, a room with tons of glass jarred Chinese herbs, and some very cool books.

I took pictures of the 2 books I really want to get and learn more about.

While Zoey and I were there, Michelle the practitioner and Miriam the holistic health coach/office manager shared with me more about the business and their background. I was and am super entrigued with this whole Chinese medicine stuff, and the healing power food has to help our bodies fix and maintain itself.

Michelle told me that I should get some of my mommy group friends together and take a Chinese medicine workshop on how to keep our babies/kids healthy and treat illnesses naturally! I would love to do this, so I think I shall! Who's in!? Don't be shy, let's do this! Just gotta talk to Michelle about the cost and details, but I would love to beable to whip up some herbal tea for Zoey as opposed to hit up CVS and give Zoey man made medicine that has proven time and time again to be helpful, but, not natural and for those of you that know me, not the old me, but the hardcore, crunchy, natural mommy me, then u know.

Anyways I took the herbs home, made a decoction *see pic* cooled it down and gave it to Zoey is one of those medicine suck and squirt surenge thingies. I'm supposed to do that 3 to 8 times daily and am really excited to see the results!

Right now Zoeys knocked out with Daddy. Thank God. Seriously bc she's been really whiney and crying all day on and off and I'm pooooped!

Goodnight to my new blogging world, its freakin 4:30 in the morning.