Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Zoey's First Trip To The Dentist

I am calmer now. Even though I am still pretty emotional.
Let's start from the begining. I noticed Zoey's to top front teeth looked chipped when she was around 11months. I did some research and started to ask some natural mama friends that I knew whom were dealing with healing their childrens tooth decay, and trying various routes to remineralize, heal, and reverse their childrens cavities.
I read some articles on mothers having success reversing tooth decay with nutrition and changing their childrens diets. Not dousing them with fluoride and sedating them for surgery. which is the only way to "fix" tooth decay according to modern medicine.
I ended up having our naturopath looking at Zoey's teeth, and he suggested taking Zoey to the dentist... So I called 5 dentists offices and was laughed at when I shared my concern, my research, and asked them what route they would go if it were tooth decay, not just 2 chipped teeth.
I ended up making an appointment and later canceling after being condecended and patronized over the phone by the dentist. He was so pompus and said "hahaha no tooth decay is irreversible, you can try all you want, but if you bring your child to me, I can help you."
Well against my better judgement I rescheduled and this time I talked Sam into coming with us. Hoping he would be supportive and have my back. I did not want to get bullied and I did not want a confrontation either.
Well this morning was the apt and it went like this.
The dental assistant told me the routine, flouride toothpaste, show me how to "properly" brush my childs teeth, and then a flouride varnish. I smiled and said, "actually, I brought our toothpaste." She said "ok we can just use that then and after, do the flouride varnish." I smiled and said " no flouride, thank you anyways."
The dentist came and said "EARTHPASTE, what in the world is earthpaste, is it made from the earth? Hahaha!" I smiled and said "yes, its made with redmond clay, salt, xylitol, and essential oils". After several other negative questions and comments about our choice of toothpaste, he continued to condecend me and tell me that Zoey would benifit from the use commercial flouride toothpaste...
He examined her teeth and yes, she does indeed have tooth decay and cavities in her two front top teeth. I knew it...but I needed to confirm it for Sam to believe me and have him be on board with how aggressively I plan on treating it naturally with diet, nutrition, supplements, and education.
He went over reasons why she may have it, and I responded no to the first questions, like does she drink fruit juice? Nope. Does she drink milk from a bottle or sippy cup? Nope. Does she eat candy? Nope. Does she still breastfeed? Yes. On demand? Yes.
Then he said her age. "19 months. Hm well, how do I put this... Every bird gets kicked out of the nest and learns for fly". (WHO SAYS THAT?!?) When I looked at him with a confused furrowed brow, he reiterated. "Well we reccomend you wean her at 1 and shes 19 months so defiantly cut back and wean and we will would like to see you again in 2 months. If she isn't better by then, we will need to discuss sedating her to have me fix the decay, oh and I know you don't want to hear this again, but using just a tiny bit of fluoride on her decay will help tremendously."
I just smiled, nodded, and wanted to freak out and go crazy, as Sam chimed in reassuring the dentist that Zoey will wean soon since she is almost 2...
Then the dentist laughed and said, "Well you must be doing a good job brushing her teeth, because most kids at this point would have bought me a boat." (What?!) He explained that by this point other kids would need to have extensive oral surgery for multiple teeth, and reiterated how lucky we were to have brought her into see him "just in the nick of time".
We thanked the dentist and left and the assistant asked if we wanted a prize for Zoey... I smiled and said "no thanks she doesn't know what that stuff even is", as I looked into the vast plastic containers filled with small brightly colored pastic toys, and wrapped up in plastic.
We got to the front desk and she asked if we wanted to go ahead and make a 2 month appointment. Sam said yes, and I said "I need to check the kitchen calendar first." We thanked everyone and walked out the door...
The first words out of my mouth as soon as the door closed behind us, were really ugly, emotional, angry hateful words...
I am and was angry, scared, and frustrated.
As soon as I got home I called the library and asked if they had the book Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, by Ramiel Nagel. They didn't have the book in any of their branches and the lady even checked the local university libraries. Nope. So I filled out a request/suggestion form for the library to buy the book, and explain why ita important.
I also pinned several articles about reversing tooth decay to my pinterest, and messaged some friends ab our experience...
I need to get my hands on that book and on some fermented/raw cod liver oil... And I have a bag of frozen lamb bones defrosting on the counter in the kitchen.
Dentist Weston A Price has extensive international research documented from all around the world. He studied first hand how people in other countries lived and ate and their oral health outcomes. He found that families who ate grass fed beef and other grass fed animal by products, had significantly less cavities and tooth decay.
I am hesitant to ever go back to that dentist...but it would be fun to take her back after I halt, heal, and reverse her tooth decay... That pompus, condescending, dentist...