Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Switching out the microwave for a toaster oven!

Our counter space in the kitchen is pretty small for me since im semi appliance happy and like to have all sorts of stuff in my kitchen...
and my microwave takes up literally half of my counter up.
so we got rid of it and replaced it with a sweet little stainless steel toaster oven!
i have been meaning to get rid of the microwave for quite some time now, but doing it was another story.
after all, its super convenient, but also super not too good for you in the long run (so i hear and yes i have seen the plant pictures and how they got all wilty and died after being watered with microwave water.

So anyways, im super excited that now my counter which use to hold only a microwave and a toaster, now holds my juicer, my beaba baby food steamer and chopper thingie, my awesome juicer, AND my first ever toaster oven.

its the little things in life that keep me happy!


This post is all about my new toaster oven.

Because that is how cool i am now that im a grown up and a mom and a wife and stuff! ^_^