Sunday, February 5, 2012

Desperate and disappointed

So Zoeys cutting her first tooth and is in a lot of pain. She has a Baltic amber teethibg necklace from Algimantas Bamber on etsy. I just tested it to see if it was real because Zoey is obviously suffering... Bless her heart. And after wraping it in a washcloth, smashing a section of it with the handles of some scissors, I tested by burning it with a lighter, its fake. It burned and smelled like cheepo burning plastic and not like real pine sap. Bummer! I just jumped on etsy and wrote to the seller and asked them to please send me a real one or refund my money because my baby needs a Baltic amber teething necklace and the website I got it from stated that it was real and raw...
What else can I do?
My poor baby... :(


  1. aww that sucks! I hope you get a real one or your money back..

  2. Oh no Jade!! Now I'm wondering if mine is mine from Inspired by Finn.

  3. Thanks guys,
    After i blogged i got a response from the owner of the company who was extremely upset at my "accusation" she is willing to give me my money back if i mail it to her, but i looked it up and i only payed 15 bucks for it... she said she gets everything certified from Lithuania... *Sigh*

    Helen, you can always do a test yourself, but from what i hear from my friends, inspired by finn is a very reputable source for amber.